Frontend Software Engineer

New York

At Clear Street, we are disrupting the institutional brokerage and clearing market by modernizing archaic industry segments with brand new technology. We’re changing the way institutional investors interact with the markets; offering an alternative to working with big banks. Our cloud-based API technology will empower clients to clear, settle, and finance trading activity while accessing real-time risk and position information. Our platform is built on an incredibly modern tech-stack, by pragmatic engineers focused on building intuitive and frictionless user experiences. Our tech-infused suite of customer experience-oriented prime service offerings will increase our clients’ efficiency and provide real-time insights they’ve never previously experienced.

As a Frontend Software Engineer, you will use your eye for design and ability to write clean, scalable code to create elegantly intuitive UIs and build reusable libraries. You will work on cross-functional teams to deliver products that prioritize user experience. Your understanding of modern tooling will allow you to create iterative mockups; translating design into the code that will produce the visual elements of our applications.

Frontend Software Engineer Characteristics:

  • You have 2+ years of experience using React/NextJS (preferably with TypeScript) and CSS/SCSS to build complex UIs.
  • You are comfortable using build/deployment tools like Webpack, Docker, and Gitlab, and know how to write a custom config from scratch.
  • You have worked in large-scale microservice architectures and know how to work with and update existing APIs.
  • You are skilled at implementing complex UX designs with scalable/maintainable code.
  • You have an eye for design and are able to support our designers by implementing UX when needed. You’re comfortable tweaking designs for better responsiveness to various screen sizes.
  • You seamlessly bridge the gap between design and development; using tooling like Zeplin, Sketch, and Figma.


Frontend Engineering Stack: React (with hooks), NextJS, Node, TypeScript, Webpack, npm, Lerna, Ant Design, SCSS, Jest