The Market Infrastructure of the Future

Securities transactions are processed on outdated infrastructure. It limits access and innovation.

We're fixing it.


Our beliefs

We live in a time when anyone can download an app and start trading for free in minutes. Meanwhile, transactions between financial institutions run on a patchwork of legacy technology. It’s slow, clunky, expensive — and there’s no alternative.

The biggest spenders get priority access. The rest live in a state of uncertainty. They may be asked to limit activity, if they can get access at all.

Clear Street is building a technology infrastructure that works for everyone. Clients will have access to a modern platform with better products, better service, and better tools to build and run their businesses.

We're fixing it.

We are hiring

We are looking for exceptional talent to help us achieve our mission.

Join our dynamic team of open-minded, forward-looking technologists and savvy business operators. We value ingenuity, passion, and elegant simplicity. Our goal is to build a team of individuals who are as excited about our revolutionary goals as we are.

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