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Clear Street simplifies access to capital markets. Get a better prime, clearing, and custody experience with Clear Street.

More opportunities,
less friction

High-volume, multi-asset traders have outgrown the slowpoke infrastructure that banks use to serve them. You should expect more from your prime broker.

Imagine turning on access to new markets in minutes—and just by changing a few lines of code. That’s what we’re building at Clear Street.

Clear Street is redefining what’s possible in prime. We’re making market access simple, and expansion nothing special.

Trade on your terms

Experience the first prime brokerage built for innovation. That’s Clear Street. Trade however you like with easy access to financing, securities lending, and efficient service. Streamline operations with a modern clearing and custody platform. Open accounts and start trading in days, not months.

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You’re in Good Company

You’re in good company with all the firms, from emerging to established, that have switched to Clear Street.
“Clear Street is building the prime brokerage of the future.”
— COO, 30-Person Investment Fund

Better Performance

Clear Street was founded by industry insiders with decades of experience building and growing funds, in addition to running execution, clearing, custody, and prime brokerage services at prestigious financial institutions.

Financial Strength

Clear Street is 100% owned by founders and employees. We have a strong capital position, multiple funding sources, and robust risk management practice.

Fastest Innovation

Our goal is to have the fastest rate of innovation in the industry. Our world-class engineering team delivers new tools and features every month.

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