Help Us Simplify Market Access

Clear Street builds market infrastructure. We help high-volume, multi-asset traders connect to financial markets, streamline operations, and scale their trading businesses. Join the team making this happen.

Transforming Trading

Our customers trade millions of financial products every day. Previously, they managed their trading with archaic systems that are up to 50 years old. Those systems, still the industry norm, weren’t designed for the volume and complexity of trading today. They artificially constrict market access and innovation.

At Clear Street, we are putting the world’s financial markets on a single technology platform. If we get it right clients will be able to turn on new markets and geographies in minutes just by changing a few lines of code.

We have made tremendous progress, but our biggest challenges are still ahead of us. That means we can offer unmatched opportunities to shape the future of trading, while doing some of the most satisfying work of your entire career.

Building Market Infrastructure

The nature of the work we’re doing differs from most technology companies. It impacts how we think, the choices we make, and the way we work together.

Think Long-Term

Everything takes longer when you’re building infrastructure. Innovation in the capital markets moves especially slow, because it’s complex, heavily regulated, and slow to adopt. The changes we are making now may have a small impact today, but they’ll have a massive impact within five to ten years.

Infrastructure is a Platform

We are rebuilding infrastructure to increase market access and innovation. As we phase in new infrastructure, our platform will become a growth engine for our customers. They will use it to increase trading worldwide, to found new businesses, and to create brand new business models. If we get it right, it will (much like other large-scale infrastructure products) increase productivity, efficiency, and prosperity.

Change is Necessary

The capital markets have existed for centuries. Over time, they have evolved to make investing progressively safer and more efficient. However, in recent years, innovation hasn’t kept up with demand. Traders have adopted technology that increased the speed and volume of trading, but the infrastructure that processes those trades remains much as it was in the 1970s and ’80s. Innovation is half a century behind. Change is essential.

Durable Growth

As an infrastructure company, we have to be able to fund our growth with a model that’s reliably cash-flow positive. At the same time, we are operating a tremendously capital-intensive business. We have to find the right balance of quick and careful that allows us to hit our long-term growth goals, while also generating the kind of economics we need to fund that growth.

How We Work

Put Experience First

Improving the experience is job one. Whether you’re working with application architecture or brand architecture, our role is to provide a layer of abstraction that turns complex systems into clean, pleasant interactions.

Freedom of Invention

The definition of “stuck” is assuming that processes can’t be improved. Everyone should have the freedom to invent, to try new things, and to improve how things get done.

Get into the Details

We are building a superset of a bank. Billions of dollars can move through our systems in milliseconds. Small details have a massive impact on our customers, their business, and the markets themselves.

We dive into the details. We don’t shy away from technical language. We embrace major challenges. We are curious, driven, and eager to learn.

Behaviors We Value

Learn, adapt, and grow

Embrace discomfort. Try new things, acquire new skills, and move forward.

Work well with others

Be honest, treat people with respect, and earn the trust of others.

Disagree constructively

Conflict is how we learn. It takes skill, talent, and courage. Be good at it.

Life at Clear Street