Clear Street simplifies complex trading

We handle over $1 billion in trades every day. For sophisticated traders of all sizes.

Streamline Technology

Financial markets run on outdated infrastructure. Clear Street is fixing it.

Important infrastructure runs on mainframes. It still does what it was designed to do, just not what we need it to do today.

Clear Street is building modern infrastructure that makes trading easier. It's flexible, scalable, and cloud-based.

Today, customers use our platform to process transactions of U.S. securities and options. In the future, customers will use our platform to trade every major product in every major market.


We offer prime brokerage products and services.

Our products and services include prime brokerage essentials such as execution, securities lending, financing, and custody. Our customers are sophisticated traders. They trade in high volumes and use multiple asset classes. Examples include active retail traders, financial institutions, and funds of all sizes.

Our Product Stack

Efficient, flexible products

Tools & services
Sec Lending

A highly experienced leadership team

Clear Street was founded by industry insiders. They have built and scaled multi-asset funds, led global clearing operations, and developed groundbreaking trading platforms.

Chris Pento - Co-Founder, CEO

Previously led global operations at Knight Capital Group (Virtu), Exos Financial and more.

Sachin Kumar - Co-Founder, CTO

Co-founded Tolo Technologies and QED Trading

Christy Moccia - Chief Compliance Officer

Formerly CCO at Virtu and Knight Capital Group

Platform Metrics

Built on a strong financial base

We ended 2020 with over $200 million in capital and plan to continue expanding our captial base in the years to come.


Join our growing team

Clear Street is headquartered in New York with offices in San Diego, Chicago, Tel Aviv, and Saint Thomas, with 200+ employees located worldwide.

Clear Street also owns Clear Street Markets, a market maker founded in 2011.

Clear Street also owns Clear Street Markets, a market maker founded in 2011.