Clear Street Simplifies Market Access

Over 40 companies, ranging from emerging funds to established institutions, use our products and services to connect to financial markets, streamline operations, and scale their trading businesses.

Built for the Future

There is a growing problem in the capital markets. Traders have outgrown the infrastructure banks use to serve them. Prices are rising, access is declining, and innovation is at a standstill. Clear Street is building infrastructure that will power global trading in 2030 and beyond.

Efficient, Flexible Products

Clear Street makes it easy to run high-volume, multi-asset trading businesses.

The Product Stack

Founded by Insiders

Clear Street was founded by industry insiders. They have built and scaled multi-asset funds, led global clearing operations, and developed groundbreaking trading platforms.

Clear Street is Growing

Clear Street is headquartered in New York with offices in San Diego, Chicago, and Tel Aviv. Clear Street also owns Clear Street Markets, a market maker founded in 2011.

We have offices in:

New York

Saint Thomas

Tel Aviv


San Diego

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